Danaos Peripherals has been providing its comprehensive range of services to the shipping industry for 20 years and counts over 250 companies amongst its customers.

The company has made a name for itself mainly via Info@GATE, which is the e-mail & communications system preferred by more than 170 companies worldwide. Info@GATE incorporates unique features designed specifically to enable companies to communicate quickly and accurately in the hectic world of shipping. The system also addresses the importance of intracompany communication by offering a number of corporate groupware elements that reduce interdepartmental bureaucracy, thus optimizing resource utilization and improving response times. Info@GATE also recognizes that shipping professionals are on the go more than ever these days and access to the key features provided by Info@GATE is imperative. As such, Danaos Peripherals has developed Info@GATEOnTheGo!, which is available as a native application for iPhone and iPad and as a Web-based application for Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile.

As an Oracle Gold Partner and in response to the shipping industry’s increasing recognition of the importance of securing data and establishing business continuity plans in the event of disaster, Danaos Peripherals has become a recognized leader in database support and the design and implementation of disaster recovery and standby server solutions. The Danaos Enterprise Maritime Solution supports Oracle Database 12c and Linux.

To round out its offering, Danaos Peripherals has developed a number of complementary software applications aimed at optimizing the daily operations of shipping companies both ashore and onboard.